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1. Stephen Siwek
(Intellirights/Audio, Video Interview)
... a significant increase over previous years. (This number, according to IIPA, far exceeds foreign sales of other U.S. industries such as aircraft ($77.5 billion), automobiles ($49.8 billion), agricultural ...
Friday, 17 February 2012
... (IIPA) on Feb. 10 submitted recommendations in a letter to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in its annual “Special 301” review of global copyright piracy issues that affect ...
Friday, 10 February 2012
... prepared for the IIPA by Stephen Siwek of Economists Incorporated. Some key findings of IIPA’s 2011 study: In 2010, the value added by the core copyright industries was $931.8 billion or 6.36% ...
Wednesday, 02 November 2011