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About Intellirights

For far too long, intellectual property rights have been framed only in the context of litigation: A sues B; B loses and is ordered to pay damages; B appeals. Something is wrong with that picture because, though it may discuss the lawyers, judges, and legal arguments, it leaves out other important elements such as the inventors and the particular innovations at issue. Intellirights was established to broadly disseminate informative and relevant content about all facets of intellectual property—copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Through intelligent discussion, compelling interviews, and accurate reporting, Intellirights provides a place where artists, inventors, legal scholars, executives, lobbyists, and investors can come to discuss a wide array of intellectual property interests.

At Intellirights, we strive to provide a much more comprehensive look at the issues. Whether one wants to discuss rights in a song, protection of a clothing brand, claims for the next great patented device, or a legal decision’s impact on intellectual property law, Intellirights is the place. We not only provide information on the technological arts and creative works in question but also the law that often defines their fate.  We create a forum in which the markets for intellectual property are discussed so that one grasps the full picture of what happens after a work is created. Who creates works of intellectual property? How are those works protected? What is the next step in getting a work to market? Who invests in works of intellectual property?  Who is impacted by a given legal decision?  Intellirights provides you an opportunity to gain insight into these questions and much more.

Welcome to Intellirights!