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Steven E. Gordon

Animator, Story Artist & Character Designer

Steven Gordon is an extremely talented and experienced artist who started his career out of high school by working for Ralph Bakshi Productions on the feature film Lord of the Rings, and then on projects for Filmation. He credits artists Mike Ploog and Dave Jonas and animators Irv Spence, Marty Tarras, and Bruce Woodside as early influences. Over the years, he did a stint at Disney Pictures animating on The Black Cauldron, The Great Mouse Detective and also took on freelancing assignments for Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros TV, Disney TV, DIC and Sabanstudios. Steve was one of the directors and the character designer on X-Men: Evolution and was story artist for the Dreamworks films Madagascar, Moby Dick, Shrek 2and Over the Hedge. In his interview with Intellirights, Steve points out that timing and networking are important keys in the animation industry. He also notes that Twitter is a terrific way to connect to fans, other artists, and potential clients. We thoroughly enjoyed our look at art through the lens of Steven Gordon and await our next meeting with him about other projects down the road.

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