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TCS Is Issued a Patent on ‘Area Event’ Wireless Coverage

August 19, 2010

TeleCommunication Systems Inc. on Aug. 19 announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the company a patent (7,764,961) for a "Mobile Based Area Event Handling When Currently Visited Network Does Not Cover Area."

According to TCS’s press release, this technology gives wireless carriers' user-location systems the ability to provide area-event-triggered services seamlessly even when mobile devices are outside their normal service areas, or "roaming." An "area event" occurs when a user takes a location-enabled wireless device from one predefined geographical area into another, and wireless carriers employ this functionality for a host of location-based services, including advertising, systems, traffic reporting, local search, and social networking. TCS says that its solution enables the location system to be informed when a mobile device enters an area that covers a pre-defined target area and then re-aim the original area event request, overcoming the problems associated with network selection when multiple networks are available in a given area and providing mobile users with a seamless service experience.

"Event-triggered location-aware data services are increasingly popular with both service providers and mobile users," said Drew Morin, chief technology officer of TCS. "This is because such services deliver an individualized experience based on the mobile user's position. Implementing such services, however, has been a challenge, especially in areas with multiple networks. The TCS invention presents an elegant solution to a fundamental implementation problem."

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